„Möbius Strip“combines two very diverse productions, which compliment each other nicely. On both the saxophone plays the lead.

CD 1 Side A “Into The Now!” is based on solo improvisations, which I did in 2016 and 2017 in the studio of my good friend, German piano virtuoso Joachim Kühn in Ibiza, Spain. In a second phase, I invited the Austrian bassist Gina Schwarz and drummer Lukas König to come in and lay their improvisations over these solo tracks. This very inspired session was rounded out by the addition of three tracks which we recorded together and where you can also hear me playing solos on the baritone sax for the first time.

The second production, CD 2 Side B “Saxotonics” contains music for saxophone quartet and is closely linked to my work as a professor for saxophone at the University of Music (KUG) in Graz, Austria. Over the years I had composed quite a few works for this format. While working with these incredibly talented young musicians I really enjoyed my dual function as ensemble leader and ensemble member. Additionally I invited my decades-long musical partner, keyboardist and composer Uli Rennert to perform with us, which made it quite an unusual line-up! On top of this he provided a fantastic original composition.

Both CD’s provide a very appropriate sonic image for my own musical biography which covers more than 30 years and during which my musical and pedagogical activities have been closely interlinked.

Heinrich von Kalnein, Natango Music