The KUG Saxophone Quartet is an ensemble led by KUG (University of Music and dramatic Arts in Graz, Austria) saxophone professor Heinrich von Kalnein. The 2018 line-up proved to be outstanding and it features (from left to right) Jonathan Herrgesell – alto sax, Cristina Miguel Martinez – tenor sax, Heinrich von Kalnein – baritone sax, Jaka Arh – soprano sax and Uli Rennert – keyboards.

Over the years I had composed quite a few works for saxophone quartet, which are now published at Doblinger Musikverlag (Vienna, Austria). While working with these incredibly talented young musicians I really enjoyed my dual function as ensemble leader and ensemble member. Additionally I invited my decades-long musical partner, keyboardist and composer Uli Rennert to perform with us, which made it quite an unusual line-up! Heinrich von Kalnein

  • Jaka Arh – Soprano Sax
  • Jonathan Herrgesell – Alto Sax
  • Cristina Miguel Martinez – Tenor Sax
  • Heinrich von Kalnein – Baritone Sax