„This was the second production of a band, which started as a collaboration between longtime musical partner Austrian keyboardist Uli Rennert and myself around 1986. In 1989 we released our first LP „Electric Poems“ and instead of adding a rhythm section we invited Swedish trumpeter Lars Lindvall, who later also became part of my HvK Group. With this trio we extensively experimented with the then new MIDI technology providing loops as well as abstract soundscapes. On this CD you’ll hear the musical snapshot of a wonderful live concert we did at the famous M59 concertstage in Graz, Austria. Luckily we had a recording team of the Austrian National Public Radiostation ORF with us. We had a lot of fun – and they did a wonderful job!“

Heinrich von Kalnein, Natango Music

„This recording is a very creative project covering many contemporary jazz idioms. These musicians are on Europe’s cutting edge.“

David Liebman
September 1992