For some time now, free improvisation has been a central theme in my musical creativity. The unbelievable freedom which this music form offers is immeasurable and sometimes also unobtainable. Absolute trust and mutual empathy among the players are determining factors for its success.

As with many of my other projects, this trio has a rather far-reaching background. I became familiar with Ramón ten or so years ago through his work with Joachim Kühn’s superb “African” trio, which included the singer and guembri virtuoso Majid Bekkas. In my opinion, Ramón’s colorful playing, sound dynamics and musical intelligence are exceptional, and they can take form in his other artistic works as well.

I have also had Gina Schwarz on my radar for a long time, in part through her work with her own band, Pannonica. We got to know each other better musically during the recording session for my production “Möbius Strip – Into the Now!” and then began rehearsing together. I think that Gina is a fantastic bassist with an enormous sound, and above all with musical instinct that always helps her make exactly the right choices.

Heinrich von Kalnein

  • Heinrich von Kalnein – Soprano-, Alto-, Tenor- & Baritone Saxophones
  • Gina Schwarz – Acoustic Bass
  • Ramón López – Drums, Tabla