With post-modern vigour this remarkable quartet morphs trace elements of Jazz, Rock and Indian music into the present, where they flitter throughout the eight original compositions by the two bandleaders, underscored with rhythmic furor and melodic flights of inspiration. Kalnein and Fischbacher add interest by joining in unison at times or wending around each other with incredible flexibility before dashing ahead with their own solos, steadily backed by a rich filigree of rhythms from the resourceful and inventive rhythm section. Feel invited for some laid-back listening pleasure. (Ulrich Steinmetzger)

“Actually everything started on a very small scale with my idea to do something with Heinrich. I had seen him with his band JBBG – Jazz Bigband Graz and his solos absolutely knocked me out. So I just had to play with him.“

Axel Fischbacher

  • Heinrich von Kalnein – Saxophone
  • Axel Fischbacher – Guitar
  • Charles Sammons – Bass
  • Ralf Gessler – Drums