This album is based on a live-streamed concert which the three of us performed early January 2021 as part of the 3-Day “Portrait Heinrich von Kalnein” at the Porgy & Bess Jazz & Music Club in Vienna. Due to the ongoing pandemic, this was a particularly challenging event. It was also the first concert we were ever called upon to perform.

After the concert, the three of us felt that we had accomplished something very special and this was confirmed when we heard the recordings. Quickly and intuitively, we had moved along through a wide variety of musical moods and situations, developing a dynamic which went well beyond the scope of most trios. The pieces followed one after the other with their own internal musical logic, always in relation to what had just happened before. For this reason, we kept this same order for the tracks on the CD, although a few pieces were omitted due to the overall length.

Heinrich von Kalnein, Natango Music