2019, after co-leading the JBBG – Jazz Bigband Graz for 17 years, I decided to step back and give room to a younger generation of players. Since then my partner Horst-Michael Schaffer is taking care of the large mothership and steering it into new territory. The music of ‘The Space Between Us’ is solely his – and it is fantastic! If you like the JBBG sound, you will love ‘The Space Between Us’.

Heinrich von Kalnein, Natango Music

“This album is dedicated to ALL OF US, regardless of colour or origin, but especially to each and everyone suffering from climate change, famine, water scarcity, war or other humanitarian disasters. May our societies find the strength to give future generations a real chance for peaceful and harmonious coexistence. Speak to one another, humanity rulez!”

Horst-Michael Schaffer