“Our new band member, Turkish pianist Anıl Bilgen was with us for the first time when we had the chance to perform on the “Bayerisches Jazzweekend” Festival in Regensburg, Germany on July 9, 2016. It was a hot night and the music was absolutely happening. Luckily enough the Bavarian National Public radio BR did record our concert and I had the chance to get hold of the tracks. I invited former band member accordionist / pianist Christian Bakanic to overdub a few tracks, which he was pleased to do. Finally I had the wonderful Stefano Amerio from Artesuono Studio in Cavalicco (UD), Italy mixing and mastering the whole album. Most of the tracks had already been recorded, but I think we never played them as good and creative as on that very special night.”

Heinrich von Kalnein, Natango Music

„There’s a drive and melodic beauty to the music that makes this European trio simply infectious. The group’s ability to be in the pocket and take the music outside, too, creates surprise after surprise. … satisfying and intriguing.”


„Eine feine Mischung aus Melodiebewusstsein, Groove und variablen Sounds, ein wohliges Wechselbad musikalischer Eindrücke zwischen folklore imaqinaire und freitonaler lmprovisation. Der behutsame Einsatz von elektronischen Mitteln unterstreicht die zeitweise schier mystische Bewegung der Stücke, die Spontaneität und Struktur in sehr gelungener, herausragend eigenständiger Weise ineinander fließen lassen.“

Tobias Böcker – JAZZPODIUM