„This was the first CD under my own name and for me even today it still sounds fresh and up-to-date. With Swedish trumpeter Lars Lindvall I managed to develop a very unique blend between our two instruments, which seemed not to be trapped to deep in the past. My concept of the rhythm section at that time could be described as „acoustic fusion“. It was based on a bass concept, which does have some similarities to bassist Dave Holland’s work. And Hungarian pianist Emil Spanyi, now residing in Paris, was a killer even back then. With this band we had many more gigs to go and even a second production („Perfect World“) with French-Vietnamese guitarist Nguyên Lê. My dear friend and former teacher Dave Liebman put it nicely in his liner notes: „This is contemporary jazz at ist best played by some of Europe’s most outstanding young artists.“

Heinrich von Kalnein, Natango Music

„Das paneuropäische Ensemble präsentiert modernen Jazz in hoher Vollendung und Reife. Die Kompositionen sind wunderschön. Heinrich Von Kalnein zeigt uns einmal mehr, daß guter Geschmack und musikalisches Können Hand in Hand gehen.“