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Freude am dialogischen Zusammenspiel

“Eine souverän verwendete Palette von Formen und Klangfarben trifft auf spontane Ideen und Freude am dialogischen Zusammenspiel. … Eine gelungene Spontanaktion”. So beschreibt das aktuelle JazzThing #153 die CD “Intertwined Trees” und erfreut sich insbesondere an den fernöstlichen Komponenten in den Stücken von Pianistin Sophie Min. Vielen Dank!

Das aktuelle JazzThing ist ab heute im Handel.

Unique and distinctive!

Thank you Patrick Spanko from the Slovakian skjazz.sk website for your 4 1/2 * review of “Intertwined Trees”!

Here you can read the full review in English:

The Austrian saxophonist and flutist Heinrich von Kalnein certainly does not need to be introduced to the readers of skjazz.sk; he gained rich playing experience in the Vienna Art Orchestra of fond memory, also in the Jazz Bigband Graz and in a number of his own ensembles and collaborations as a sideman (such as with the formation Meretrio, most recently here). After more than three decades of active playing, he has become one of the best tenor saxophonists and flutists not only on the European continent; he is characterized by an unusual sense of melody, which he does not leave even during the freest improvisations. Sophie Min is a pianist from Brisbane and belongs to the most unique jazz musicians of the young generation not only in Australia. They had never played together until early November 2022, when they were invited to the Perth International Jazz Festival; the festival promoter got the idea that they could play a duo here. The performance was a success and the pair decided to record an album the next day in an old, abandoned cinema. It was on the day of Kalnein’s departure from Australia and they had only four hours to record. Both protagonists drew on their own repertoire, and thus eight dialogues were created with such ease, as if they had been playing together for years. They projected into them their experience with various jazz sources – from classical jazz to modern to classical music – and created a unique and distinctive musical composition with a strong emotional impact from this fusion. The title of the album Intertwined Trees means intertwined trees; it is a typical association for intermingling musical voices that complement each other, share a common space, communicate with each other. Both consider this creative meeting to be a happy one!

Ein ausgesprochen schönes Hörerlebnis!

Die koreanisch-australische Pianistin Sophie Min und der in Österreich lebende Flötist und Saxofonist Herbert von Kalnein zeigen auf ihrem gemeinsamen Album “Intertwined Trees” (Natango Musik) eindrucksvoll, welch außergewöhnlicher Jazzklang aus spontaner musikalischer Interaktion entstehen kann. …”

Danke, Lieber Michael Tertia für die schöne Kritik von “Intertwined Trees” im MICA Online Magazin: