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“…an excellent pairing of albums, with the juxtaposition between composed and improvised music engaging and demonstrative of superb musicianship”.

Thank You Elliott Marlow-Stevens from the British JAZZ JOURNAL for a very favourable review of Heinrich von Kalnein’s current CD “Möbius Strip”!

Tolles Sax Doppel!

That’s the quintessence of Hans-Dieter Grünefeld’s review in the current German SONIC Magazin, the leading magazine for brass and woodwinds. “Ein tolles Sax Doppel für unvoreingenommene Ohren. Nicht versäumen!” Thank you very much!

Jazz Album of the Month!

Bernhard Jugel, jazz critic for the German radio station BR5 (Bayerischer Rundfunk”) declared “Möbius Strip” as jazz album of the month. Thank you very much!